Empresa de Venta Online

Our team

Thanks each people that are part of the company we are able developing diverse and essentials functions that allow that Diempi be what it is today.

In this section we want to stand out the work teams that exist in our company and we considered everyone different but they connect to each other in the day for many functions. In our company if one fails, all of us fail


  • Study of the product and Trademark in Internet
  • Management of Images with white background and optimized for Internet
  • Corporative webs and  online shops that position the product in Internet
  • Optimized descriptions in various languages for what the customer need to know
  • Review of prices to the public and positioning of online prices of psychology form 
  • Management of Social Networks
  • Realization of online Marketing campaigns with direct return or branding
  • Tracing the evolve of the market and continuous  communications with the trademarks


  • Mechanization of Daily orders
  • Coordination whit the store for comply with the orders preparations
  • Revise and Solution the transport incidents
  • Stocks movements in the Store
  • Management of breaks produced in our Store, in transport or in a Customer`s  Store
  • Managements of movements of land, aerial and maritime commodity
  • Revision and coordination with Custom Support of errors in direction
  • Solutions for possible Store breaks
  • Supervision of work charges and  statistics about units orders sent 
  • Continuous improvement of process to get  do more with the same exertion
  • Management  of refunds in triple coordination: Customer, Transport, Store


  • Development of programs that allow to optimize process
  • Automatic Stock actualization with our customers at real time
  • Communication of automatic orders 24h 7 days with the principal projects
  • Communication of tracking numbers  automatically at our customers
  • Device security and Data protect  of the customers
  • Cooperation with any department needs

Product Development

  • Management of the products register
  • Cooperation and coordination between our  department and the trademarks
  • Evaluation of technical needs and quality certificate that are going to require some products
  • Development and startup of news exclusives products of Diempi

Graphic Design

  • Designs of graphic elements that make a trademark image
  • Design of specifics creativities for a specific client`s needs
  • Creation of new graphic ideas that help to sell more than one product


  • Continuous analysis
  • Management of purchase orders
  • Contact with factories in China, Taiwan and Turkia
  • Detect specific product`s excess in stock and quickly communicate at all the commercials to prioritize the rotation of those products
  • Negotiation and decision about the trademarks and product`s register


  • Management of commercials projects
  • Analysis of sales opportunities
  • Daily contact with customers
  • Interlocutor between the portal web`s needs and our company, making links and synergies between departments
  • Sale`s analysis and annual economic objectives pacification


  • Realization of white background pictures
  • Realization of environment pictures
  • Coordination with extern photographers for specific pictures sections


  • Evaluate the financial needs of the company
  • Emission and management of payments
  • Direct relation with the banks
  • Revision and analysis of the company economic terms evolve


  • Control and Register of all types of invoices
  • Presentation of taxes
  • Lead and mark the guidelines for a prefect and transparent accountancy


  • Management the invoices in a deadline of 24h since an order comes out
  • Communicate the invoices at the commercials and customers
  • Management of subscription notes quickly and coordinate with our logistic
  • Emission of money payments related with returns

Customer Support

  • Response at the client in less than 24h
  • Solution at the problem in the minor number of possible contacts
  • Mediator between the final customer, the portal web and our company
  • We adjust  at the more direct and easier communication method for the customer